Prepaid Tips for #UITALbrazil Trip
Prepaid Tips for #UITALbrazil Trip

Prepaid Tips for #UITALbrazil Trip

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The total amount for prepaid tips is detailed below.  We will pay all the vendors in lump sum for the tips we collect in advance.  If you do not prepay tips you should be prepared with cash.  Please be mindful to be kind in your tipping as the teams included earn much of their salary in tips.  And as always, feel free to tip more depending on the service!

Total amount is $57.63 to cover all your tips ( including Paypal processing fee)

$15 Brazilian Tour Guide (4 Tours)

$6 Airport Transfers ($3 each way)

$35 UITAL Tour Leaders ($5 a day)

$1.63 for 2.9% Paypal Processing fee